The convention will be hosted by the Rock Creek Area with the theme of:
“Limitless Strength”
which comes from the 11th step in our basic text:

We know that if we pray for God’s will, we will receive what is best for us, regardless of what we think. This knowledge is based on our belief and experience as recovering addicts. Prayer is communicating our concerns to a Power greater than ourselves. Sometimes when we pray, a remarkable thing happens; we find the means, ways and energies to perform tasks far beyond our capacities. We grasp the limitless strength provided for us through our daily prayer and surrender, as long as we keep faith and renew it. (Basic Text p. 75)

Can’t wait to see you next year in Ocean City!

Host Committee Meeting

Every 2nd Monday at 7 – 10 pm

Chair - Max L.
Email Chair
1st Vice Chair- Chemayne G.
Email First Vice Chair

2nd Vice Chair - Bonnie C.
Email Second Vice Chair
Secretary - Dara P.
Email Secretary

Treasurer -
Email Treasurer
Vice Treasurer - Jenn W.
Email Vice Treasurer

All Committees Meet Virtually Each Month Unless Otherwise Specified

Additional Needs

2nd Tuesday 6:30 PM
Valencia H.
email Additional Needs

Arts & Graphics

2nd Sunday 6:30 PM
Gari N.
email Arts & Graphics

Convention Information

3rd Monday 7 PM
John C.
email Convention Information


3rd Tuesday 7:30 - 9 PM
Scott S.
email Program


2nd Thursday 7 PM
Reggie T.
email Registration


2nd Wednesday 7 PM
Eric W.
email Entertainment


3rd Wednesday 7 PM
Alpha J.
email Hospitality


3rd Thursday 7 PM
Denise L.
email Merchandise

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