CPRCNA XXXV April 8 - 10, 2022

In Person at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD

Welcome to the Virtual CPRCNA XXXIV

After reading the brief guidelines, please click on the Meeting Hall link for access to the Online Program

Registration is not required to attend this virtual convention; however, your DONATION and/or MERCHANDISE PURCHASE will help us plan for CPRCNA XXXV in-person convention which will be held on April 8-10, 2022 in Ocean City, MD. Registration information for the 2022 convention will be coming soon.

A Few Housekeeping Announcements

Our first tradition tells us “our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on NA unity” and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that we preserve an atmosphere of recovery. Our goal is to keep this a safe place.

For the protection of everyone here, we have a few housekeeping items before we get started

  • We have disabled person-to-person chat. You will only be able to chat with the Co-Hosts.
  • Please no pictures or screen shots.
  • All participants must be fully dressed (shirt, pants, etc.) or your camera will be turned off.
  • Harsh, disruptive or inappropriate behavior or language, including your screen name may result in your removal from the workshop.

At the Co-Host’s discretion, repercussions may include:

  • Turning off of your camera
  • Changing of your screen name
  • Your removal from the workshop

We are here for you, if you are uncomfortable in any way or see anything offensive or any disruptive behavior, please message a Co-Host in the Chat and it will be addressed immediately.