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April 14 - 16, 2023

Live in Ocean City, MD

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Committee Members

3rd Monday 7pm
866 8591 3791

Chair Sranda W.
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1st Vice Chair- Louis J.
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2nd Vice Chair Bonnie C.
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Secretary Angela D.
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Treasurer Michele J.
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Vice Treasurer Lisa M.
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Additional Needs

2nd Wednesday 7pm
724 0094 5209 pw 1960
Gloria M
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Arts & Graphics

2nd Sunday 6pm
214 702 1710 pw 971545
Gari N
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Convention Information

2nd Tuesday 7pm
785 963 7766 pw 1953
John C
email Convention Information


2nd Thursday 7pm
785 963 7766 pw 1953
Eric W
email Entertainment


2nd Wednesday 7pm
782 9819-5582 pw CPRC
Major A
email Hospitality


3rd Sunday 3pm
852 9006 0272 pw Vision
Cynthia H
email Merchandise


2nd Tuesday 7pm
891 7782 4075 pw Vision
Reggie T
email Registration