CPRCNA XXXV April 8 - 10, 2022

Just for Today:   September 10, "More powerful than words."
"Our presence, a loving hug, and a sympathetic ear will surely express the depth of our feelings, and do more to reach the heart of a human being in pain than mere words ever could."

In Person at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD

Know Before You Go:

We are unable to credit/honor registrations purchased from previous years to CPRCNA XXXV

We are unable to provide free coffee. Coffee will be available for purchase.

CPRCNA XXXV strongly encourages mask wearing inside the convention center and meeting rooms. Please, let’s keep each other safe.

Enjoy the Convention!
Hope to see you there!



Why Register?

Our Seventh Tradition states, “Being self‐supporting is an important part of our new way of life.” (Basic Text, page 70, 6th Edition). Registration fees pay for the facilities we use, the DJ’s we dance to, and all other expenses related to putting on the convention.

Save Money! Register In Advance!

Why? The easy answer—to save money! Early registration is $10 cheaper than registering on-site. But, it’s not the only reason to register early. When members register and buy event tickets early, we can better plan to meet your needs at the convention.

Registration Information

Early mail-in registrations must be postmarked by February 8, 2022.  Click here to register on-line. For additional information email to Registration@cprcna.org.

Children and Teens

All children and teens entering the convention Center must register and wear a badge at all times. Registration for children 12 and under is $5.00 and will be available soon.  Teenagers 13 and older must register at the adult price.  Attendees of all ages must purchase a ticket to attend any paid event.  No childcare will be available at CPRCNA XXXV

The Most Important Person

In keeping with our Twelve Traditions and the spirit of “giving it away to keep it” please consider making a donation to help a newcomer attend.

Indigent Newcomer Information

There are a limited number of registration packages for indigent newcomers with 90 days or less clean time or 90 days or less out of an institution that are financially unable to purchase a registration. These are the only attendees to receive free or reduced cost registrations at the convention.

Marathon Meetings

Marathon Meetings (12:00am-6:00am) will be held in the Waverly Room at Castle In the Sand Hotel located at 3701 Atlantic Avenue.

Auction of NA Memorabilia

To donate items or participate, please contact the Merchandise Subcommittee or email auction@cprcna.org.


Mention CPRCNA to secure the group rate.
TAKE THE BUS! Parking at the Convention Center is extremely limited. Show your registration badge for unlimited FREE rides on the Coastal Highway bus lines.
Click on the Hotel Name to link to their website.
**Requires a two-night minimum

Convention Events

Looking for Service? Join a Committee

Additional Needs

When: 4th Tuesday each month at 7 pm

ID: 812 0849 3677 Password: 495423

Click to Join Zoom Mtg

Chair: Andrew H.
Email: AdditionalNeeds@cprcna.org

Arts & Graphics

When: 2nd Sunday each month at 1 pm

ID: 214 702 1710 Password: 971545

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Chair: Gari N.

Email: ArtsGraphics@cprcna.org

Convention Information

When: 2nd Tuesday each month at 7 pm

ID: 785 963 7766 Password: 1953

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Chair: John C.

Email: Information@cprcna.org


When: 2nd Thursday each month at 7 pm

ID: 785 963 7766 Password: 1953

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Chair: Ron D.

Email: Entertainment@cprcna.org


When: 2nd Tuesday each month at 7 pm

ID: 814 0207 4353 Password: 02468

Click to Join Zoom Mtg.

Chair: Rosalyne C.

Email: Hospitality@cprcna.org

Serenity Keepers & Hug Squad Flyer


When: 4th Thursday each month at 7:30 pm

ID: 785 963 7766 Password: 1953

Click to Join Zoom Mtg

Chair: Cynthia H.

Email: Merchandise@cprcna.org

Auction Flyer


When: 3rd Thursday each month at 7:30 pm

ID: 785 963 7766 Password: 1953

Click to Join Zoom Mtg

Chair: Missy L.

Email: Program@cprcna.org

Not sure which committee
is right for you?
Just show up.
All are welcome!


When: 2nd Wednesday each month at 7 pm

ID: 875 6862 2411 Password: 495423

Click to Join Zoom Mtg.

Chair: Ursula H.


Stuffing Party Flyer